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Check out these 25 beautifully organized spaces for inspiration on how to organize your own home. Who knew that home organization could look to good?!

Have you caught the January we-have-to-downsize-our-crap-and-get-organized bug yet?

I sure have! The bug caught up to me mid December actually, but I didn’t have time to act on anything.

However, now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and the Holiday decor is down, I’m back to focusing on the everyday tasks and chores of home life. I suddenly have this organizing energy brewing inside of me that wants to tackle every square foot in our house.

And I plan to! If I can find the time, that is 😉

Inspiration and influence can go a long way when it comes to wanting to organize your home.  This is why I’ve rounded up 25 beautifully organized spaces to inspire and delight any other O.C.D. homeowners out there.

Collage of 25 beautifully organized spaces

Now mind you, I am not talking about labelled plastic totes or up-cycled cardboard boxes . . . although those certainly have a place in our never-to-be-seen-online spaces in our home.

Today I’m hoping to inspire a type of organization in the home that suits for display and functional purposes.  The spaces where we can show everyone in sight that we are perfectly and beautifully put together, and that we have the type of home where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

Sound improbable?

Well, it likely is.  But that should not stop us from doing what we can to have a beautifully organized home – little by little.

If you find yourself drooling over these images, I want to point out 2 philosophies of mine that make these kinds of spaces achievable.

Home Organization Philosophy #1 – Less is Always More

“Organizing” should actually be 2 words.

“De-clutter Organizing”.

De-cluttering is some of the best advice I can give anyone who wants to get organized. You just have to get rid of things to make your spaces feel and function better.  Keep the bare minimum, necessary, beautiful and meaningful items, and donate the rest.

While scaling back on possessions is one of the hardest things about organizing, it’s one of the essential steps to creating a welcoming home. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

The images below will speak for themselves in regards to this concept.

Home Organization Philosophy #2 – Keep Things in Plain Sight

I’ll admit, I’ve been criticized more times than I can count for my open shelving.  But I will always always swear by the concept.

Yes, you’ll have to dust.  Yes, you’ll have to keep it tidy.

But for me, the minute I have “that closet” or “that drawer”, I shove and stuff and before I know it – I’ve lost my marbles.

But if you choose to organize things in open shelves, open closets, antique cupboards, you not only add a lovely cottage feel to your home, but you’ll be forced to keep things organized and you’ll resist collecting more clutter you don’t need – because there is no where to put it!  Unless you get rid of something, which is always a good thing.

5 Tips for a Simple Home from Vintage Society Co.

I love these practical tips for how to declutter and simplify your home from Deborah Lynn over at Vintage Style. Her simple steps for getting organized, cutting down on clutter and relieving day-to-day stress are a breath of fresh air!

A woman puts a folded blanket into a linen closet

You’ll love seeing how Deborah uses her keen eye and organization skills to curate a stunning home with a welcoming atmosphere. It’s totally dreamy!

25 Beautifully Organized Spaces

Now, I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of images I put together to inspire us all to achieve beautifully organized spaces in our homes.


1 – Julie Blanner’s Linen Closet

The decorative labels on these linen closet shelves are a small thing, but they elevate the whole look of this space to something special.

A cupboard holds folded linens, candles and a wicker basket

2 – Ella Claire’s Kitchen Jar Shelves

I love a good glass jar and this display from Ella Claire is a good example of why. These beautiful jars double as both storage and home decor.

Open shelving with beautifully organized glass jars of food

3 – Cabinet Styling on Pinterest

The soothing color palette of this linen storage cabinet make it blend seamlessly and beautifully with its surroundings. Perfect!

A wooden cabinet holds pillow and folded blankets

4 – Craft Cabinet by Love Grows Wild

A stunning cabinet, like this one from Love Grows Wild, is the perfect placet to store both practical tools and decorative containers.

A white china hutch holds organized craft supplies

5 – Kids Room Organization by Cozy. Cottage. Cute

As a mom, I love the use of these wooden crates and open shelves for kids’ storage. It’s simple enough for the kids, but pretty enough for the whole family to enjoy!

Open shelving holds decor above two wooden crates filled with toys and books

6 – Baking Cupboard by Jenny Steffens

This recipe-ready baking cupboard by Jenny Steffens is inspiring! Not only does it look good, but she’s added a whole lot of functionality to this organized space.

A beautifully organized cabinet holds glass jars of spices and baking ingredients

7 – Rolling Laundry Baskets by My Domaine

These rolling linen laundry baskets look way better than the typical colorful plastic ones. I think I’m in love!

A rolling laundry basket in a well organized laundry room

8 – Linen Closet by Dear Lillie

Another amazing linen closet! This one from Dear Lillie is definitely pretty enough to be left open!

A linen closet is filled with folded towels, baskets and fabric totes

9 – Shoe Storage found on

I love this decorative cabinet-turned-shoe rack! It’s a great example of thinking outside the traditional methods of organizing.

A black cabinet holds multiple pairs of shoes

10 – Garage Organization by A Bowl Full of Lemons

If you appreciate a well-organized garage, this one by a Bowl Full of Lemons might just be your dream come true!

A garage wall full of plastic totes for storage and organization

11 – Laundry Storage found on Decor Pad

This simple and beautiful example of laundry room storage is so refreshing.

An organized laundry room with a rolling laundry hamper

12 – Bathroom Storage by Golden Boys and Me

A tiered tray and ornate bottles are a great way to add a little bit of glam to your bathroom organization!

A multi-tiered tray holds bathroom items on a bathroom countertop

13 – Little Treasures Organization found on Pinterest

A cute wall-mounted shelf like this one would be perfect for a bedroom or office space.

An open shelving unit holds dishes, magazines and decor

14 – Grain Organization found on Pinterest

I think this grain organization drawer is pure genius! It makes me want to get cooking!

A kitchen pull out drawer holds compartments filled with various grains

15 – Everyday Dishware found on Pinterest

Open shelving isn’t just great for a farmhouse look. It can be totatlly modern too!

Pull out shelving holds well organized dishes in neat rows

16 – Everyday Dishware found on Lonny

I love how beautiful these dishes look on their display shelves. So dreamy!

Kitchen shelves are stacked with beautifully organized glass jars, drinking glasses and assorted dishes

17 – Kitchen Storage from Pinterest

These cubby units are a great way to organize essential tools in the kitchen. And those labels? Perfection!

Labeled cubbies hold kitchen dishes and supplies

18 – Treasure and Collections from Pinterest

These storage boxes are anything but boring. I love the vintage flair of the newspaper prints!

Beautiful fabric totes are organized on a shelving unit

19 – Shoe Storage from Pinterest

Shoe storage heaven! These simple boxes with images would make tidying up a breeze!

Cardboard boxes with pictures are stacked on a shelving unit

20 – Bookshelf turned Craft Storage by Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cabinet curtains are always a favorite around here. This craft storage bookshelf is totally charming.

A bookcase with fabric totes and baskets is covered with a fabric curtain

21 – Toy Storage by Thrifty And Chic

Simple fabric boxes are a great way to store toys, blankets, or pillows. Love it!

A bench holds fabric totes filled with toys

22 – Special outfits from Pinterest

Simplicity is the key to open shelving and exposed storage. This clothing rack and storage cubby are a great example of that.

A clothing rack stands next to an organized cubby unit

23 – Bathroom Essentials by The Farmhouse Porch

I love the jars and baskets used on this darling bathroom shelf. These would also look great in a medicine cabinet!

A glass jar holding bars of soap sits on a wooden shelf

24 – Quilt/Blanket Storage by All People Quilt

What a great way to store quilts! I’m loving this storage armoire from All People Quilt.

A large armour holds beautiful folded blankets in a bedroom

25 – Craft Room Storage from Simoneleblanc on Instagram

Fabric boxes are perfect for home and workplace storage, don’t ya think? A well organized room makes work day so much better!

Linen boxes for storage and organization in a craft or office space.

Oh wait.  Did I say I was going to show you 25 spaces?  Forgive me, but this last space cannot go without mention.

25.1 – Kitchen Display Cabinet by Heather Bullard

A display cabinet like this one would look great in any kitchen. It’s so beautiful!

A beautifully organized shelf holds dishes in a kitchen

And of course, I have to throw in one of my own spaces – our master bathroom.  We keep the essentials tidy in this clear glass cupboard my husband made. I love it!

A farmhouse bathtub next to an organized bathroom cabinet
A bathroom cabinet holds baskets for bathroom storage

See the rest of my master bathroom, HERE.

If you are ready to tackle a kids closet, those can look beautiful too!

8 tips for better kids closet organization

Thanks for joining me to look at these beautifully organized spaces!

I’d love to know, what space are you planning to tackle next? Did you have a mess in mind while you were reading this? Maybe your workspace? Or some crazy kitchen drawers?

Personally, I have a kid’s craft closet that is beginning to look like it might spill out on you if you open the door.  

I’d love to hear which of these beautifully organized spaces is your favorite!

If you are looking for inspiration for decorating for the winter months, you might enjoy my post on clean and simple winter decor inspiration.

Clean and Simple Winter Decor Inspiration collage

More Home Organization Ideas

If you still want more home organization inspiration, take a look at one of the following articles for ideas, tips and tricks. Happy organizing!

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  1. LOVE everything about ur bathroom. The bathtub?, the storage cabinet?, and the use of different baskets or bins?. Wish u could come do my house. Lol. We r fixing to start building. ? Excited but yet oh so nervous with all the decisions. Thanks for ur shares! U def inspire me!

  2. I enjoy your website so much!! It’s interesting how every email I get from you follows my very thoughts! Like yesterday I was de cluttering and thinking how I needed less things, than I get your email on the very subject. We think alike!
    ( by the way, I’ve watched every show that you recommended. I told my husband that if you said it’s good, than it’s good! You’ve been right every time!) thanks for all the great advice!! ( Mom of 7, housewife )

    1. Your comment filled me to the tippy top! Maybe you should let me know what you are thinking first, then I’ll write something 😉 . That makes me feel so relieved that you like my movie suggestions! It’s a hit and miss and I’m so careful to recommend what I really enjoyed, and so pleased when others feel the same. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts and for sharing such kind words for me! Hugs!

  3. I LOVE the visible kitchen storage ideas you shared! I’m an organized person by nature so these are perfect for my new kitchen. We are looking to buy a home & these are some REALLY GREAT ideas. I can hardly WAIT to get started on the designing & decorating. Thank you for researching & sharing the ideas!

  4. At 79 I have way too much stuff–some mine, some my mother’s and some my mother-in-law’s, so I’m scaling down. The hard part is that there is no place to put stuff as I sort and weed out.

    I love many of these ideas, however, #1 JULIE BLANNER’S LINEN CLOSET has way too much empty space, unless she is a newlywed. As for #14, that grain is just waiting for bugs! Yuck. Now, back to my sorting and tossing!

  5. OMG!! I seriously have the Bug! I need to super duper de-clutter! The thing driving me crazy right now is that I can’t tackle my garage until Spring. In other words, when j can go into my garage and not turn into s popsicle! Very Brrr…here in Michigan!
    In the meanwhile, there is PLENTY to keep
    me busy de/cluttering inside. First I think
    I need a cup of hot hazelnut cocoa. ☕️