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I live in the Rocky Mountains – the part of the Rocky Mountains that is usually snowed in from Thanksgiving to Easter.

Not this year, though.  We had an especially long Fall, and Spring is already on it’s way.  We had one huge snowfall on Christmas day, and it’s been melting ever since.  Are we the only ones with a super mild winter this year?

Part of me wants to enjoy this.  The other part is wondering how we will water our crops this year.  As for the rest of my family – well they are kind of bummed about all the enjoyable winter activities they missed out on this year.  So while the birds chirped outside, I decided to bring winter indoors for a day, and we had a BLAST creating a winter wonderland right inside our living room.  We had so much fun, I had to share these 5 indoor winter activities to enjoy, when winter just isn’t happening outside.

Indoor Winter Activities

Before we began, I set everything up for the activities and told the girls we were going to have a winter festival right in our house.

Indoor Winter Activities

Then the fun began.

#1 – Indoor Sledding

Indoor Winter Activities

Sledding is my kids favorite thing to do in the winter time.  We managed to fit it in once before the snow disappeared.  To mimic the thrill inside, we used blankets and a little muscle and the kids took turns taking a ride around the house.  You should have heard the giggles.

Even better, was when they hopped in a sleeping bag and slid down the stairs.  Did you ever do that as a kid?  Good times.

Indoor Winter Activities

#2- Winter Clothes Race

I set out their winter gear and they raced each other to see who could get it all on first.

Indoor Winter Activities

Then they had to strike a lovely pose on the fireplace.

Indoor Winter Activities

And to complete the races, it all had to come off.  There were clothes flying everywhere – which was hilarious to watch!

Indoor Winter Activities

#3 – Build a Snowman

They were to use anything they could think of to make a creative snowman (or snowgirl, as they preferred).

Indoor Winter Activities

2 of my girls teamed up and worked with the bean bags – and whatever they could find.

Indoor Winter Activities

Her name was “Lily”, and they quite adored her.

Indoor Winter Activities

She had to be left up all. day. long.

Then my oldest spit out the funniest thing I have ever seen!

Indoor Winter Activities

Such ingenuity.  We all had quite the laugh!

Indoor Winter Activities

#4 – Snowball Fight!

Indoor Winter Activities

We happen to have these perfect soft indoor snowballs, for just such occasions.  I bought this exact bag from Amazon, here, and we have truly enjoyed them for many activities.  However, if you don’t have such a thing, there are many other ways to have a snowball fight indoors.

Indoor Winter Activities

Try crumbled up paper, or grocery sacks for starters.  One of my daughters did that in her school class and they loved it.

Indoor Winter Activities

Once I got the pictures I wanted, I was all over this game!  We each took turns coming up with rules for different snowball fight games.  This activity was definitely the favorite.

And to wrap our winter festival up –

#5 – Hot Cocoa

What is winter without a cup of hot cocoa right?

TRUMOO, chocolate marshmallow milk

This TruMoo, chocolate marshmallow flavor comes highly recommended by 3 adorable little girls.  All I did was stick it in a pan on the stove top, and warm it up for them – except one girl.  She despises warm milk anything.  But she loved it cold, just the same!

TRUMOO, chocolate marshmallow milk

And the only thing better than chocolate marshmallow hot cocoa, is chocolate marshmallow hot cocoa with extra marshmallows!

I  hope you try out your own winter festival with your kids.  Mine have been talking about it for days!

{To find out if a store near you stocks this flavor of TruMoo milk, visit this site here.}

Indoor Winter Activities for Kids


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  1. Love your ideas! We’ve been having a lot of snow and super cold weather here as well and my kids are going a little nuts spending so much time indoors. They would have so much fun with these!

    1. This idea is perfect for you then. Sometimes it is just too cold to go outside. Hope it warms up for you soon!