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Last Minute Baby Shower Gift
I was informed of a neighbors baby shower on short notice. So I whipped these up, and though they are very simple, maybe a tutorial will come in handy for someone. I made several of these for my last baby. She spit up like crazy and drooled buckets each day. I would change a bib 5-10 times a day. My thoughts were, better a bib than the whole outfit.
Here’s how:
Trace your favorite bib shape, or make one up. (If I knew how to make this pattern available to you on blogger, I would)
Cut out a front side and back side for 1 bib. I used flannel for both sides.
Put front and back piece right sides together. Sew leaving an opening for turning.
Clip your curves so it lays flat. Then turn inside out and press. Sew opening closed.
Sew on velcro.
Your finished!
What did I tell you-easy huh? Quick gift for a last minute request.

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  1. How about outlining the pattern w/ a marker, scanning it, and uploading it as a jpeg on your blog? I tried sketching one and it's totally lopsided, lol. Where were you for my baby shower? lol, j/k

  2. Hey cute idea. I've been trying to make some bibs from old levi's first 2 times it didn't work. So maybe 3rd times the charm.