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When my sister had her beautiful baby, I really wanted to give her something special. Being inspired by a homemade blessing dress by Jill at homemade by jill, I told my sister I would love to make her baby’s dress. Her request for what it should look like went something like this-“elegant, flowing, angelic, and simple”. Well, I made her suffer at the fabric store to find the fabric and pattern to match such a dress. Who knew there were people out there that hate the fabric store? I guess it can be stressful. True, my heart rate seems to increase while there, but I wouldn’t call it stress. Any way, here is what we came up with.

It’s moment’s like these when I wish I had a really nice camera.

I used McCalls pattern 4865, and made my own adaptions. It was really fun to make something so pretty for such a little one. Although I’ll admit, those little sleeves weren’t so fun to put in.
We decided to do a contrasting sash rather than lace. Mainly because that is what I dreamed up one night.
I love the pretty buttons. (Oops, forgot to wipe off the blue markings before I took the picture).

What a beautiful mommy with her beautiful baby!

While I’m on the topic of blessing dresses, I am dying to show you the blessing dresses my amazing mother-in-law/sewing genius made for my girls. She does incredible work! She has asked before if I would prefer to make my children’s blessing outfits and I said “no way!” What she does for my girls and EVERY ONE of her grandkids is so special. The dresses she has made have meant so much to me and I know my girls will treasure them too.

Here is my oldest daughters dress.

With a close up of her handiwork. I love the small pink roses. I would never have the patience for such a thing!
This was my last baby’s dress.

The smocking is so pretty! Try to buy a dress like these folks. You won’t pay less than 150 bucks. What a cool Grandma my kids have!

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  1. What a sweet dress! I really love the Frugi range, they have a great range of stuff for girls without it all being pink and tacky! #TriedTested

  2. You did a wonderful job on that dress. I really like the contrasting belt.<br /><br />You&#39;re right. Your mother in law is wonderful. I grew up loving smocking because of my mom. I remember being amazed that a person could actually do this at home. (That sounds like someone who doesn&#39;t know milk comes from cows and eggs come from chickens.) :)<br /><br />Glad to see you&#39;re

  3. I am totally floored! Beautiful!I used a pattern like that to make a Pride and Prejudice era dress for my girl once. I agree with you about those armholes. :)<br /><br />It is true, your mil is talented!

  4. You did a lovely job on the dress. I like the color of the contrasting blue (especially how Mama coordinated with it). <br /><br />My Mom made my daughters&#39; baptism dresses. My oldest has a long white one with eyelet lace (like the second one you show) and ribbon and is very classic.<br /><br />I wanted something different for my youngest so I bought beige linen with pink roses and green