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Not sure why I titled the post that. Couldn’t think of anything else, I guess. 
I realize now (that it’s too late) I saved the most pathetic ornaments to show you for last.  
I mean, I didn’t even make them.  They were all bought!  I could have planned that a little better.
But, since I didn’t – I’m going to still consider it the big bang of ornaments.
Click above to start at day one, or if you missed any days.
December 20th:  Store Bought Ornaments
So these were all ones I just couldn’t resist when I saw them.  I knew they would fit perfectly on my tree.  
1. Train – Hobby Lobby (again)
2.  Bells – Joann’s
3.  Cute little antique book ornament – Shopko.
4.  Merry Christmas Tags – Tia Pan Trading
5.  Teddy Bear – Garage Sale, like 4 years ago. 
6.  Burlap Bag – Hmm.  Actually have no idea where that even came from.  I just saw it in our boxes and put it on the tree.  It works.
That is that.  
But tomorrow is going to be cool!  
At least I think so.

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