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Give your cell phones and devices the perfect place to recharge in style! Build this DIY device charging station (or docking station) to hide cords, free up precious countertop space, and designate a place for the whole family to store their devices when not in use.

cell phone and device charging station

*This post is sponsored and made possible by Kreg Tool. 

Cords, cord, cords.

Do they drive anyone else absolutely crazy?!  Until we have an everyday solution for not having to be connected to power through the wall, we will have cords – and they will always drive me crazy.

cell phone and device charging station

There is a certain spot in our kitchen (which I imagine most of you have) where most our devices go to be charged.  It was in a fit of insanity when I told my husband I was going to throw away all these cords, that we determined to find a better solution than that.

We brainstormed, researched, and put our minds together to create a charging station that would both contain the cords out of my sight and keep it all off the countertop.

cell phone and device charging station

And what would you know it turned out to be so handy and cute, I’m thinking every home needs one!  Which is exactly why we decided to make this in partnership with Kreg Tools for their Holiday campaign, which will launch November 1st.

cell phone and device charging station

This idea also kicks off my very own DIY Gift Giving series, Handmade Holidays” which I will be sharing with you on this blog.   Throughout the Holiday Season, I’ll be sharing several DIY ideas for you that would make wonderful and unique gifts that you can make for anyone on your list.

Handmade Holidays DIY gift ideas with TIDBITS

Wouldn’t this charging station be such a unique and wonderful gift for any home to help them contain the device and cord clutter, especially since new devices are often a gift many receive this time of year.

cell phone and device charging station

Make it to gift to yourself, send the link to someone who knows their way around basic woodworking plans to make for you (my hubs loves when I just tell him what to gift me), or completely surprise someone with the gift they didn’t even know they needed in their life.

Let me be the one to assure you, once those cords are tucked away behind doors, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a charging station just like this.

You can easily adapt the size of this charging station to suit your device storage needs and space.  Make it longer or shorter, depending on how many devices you plan to charge.  Make one for the kitchen, the office and for your bedside.

You can cut the grooves so they are wider to hold devices with cases, or narrow to hold more slim devices.

cell phone and device charging station

You will drill holes into the grooves to fit your cords and allow your devices to fit perfectly while being charged.

cell phone and device charging station

We left the back of this station open so you can easily attach it over an outlet if you wish.  You might also want to store a power strip inside the compartment to allow more outlets for more devices.

cell phone and device charging station

The bottom of the charging station has an opening if you need cords to hang out, or to keep something on the countertop.  For example, we have an Echo Dot that plugs inside the station and sits just under the box, still allowing me to hid much of the unsightly cords.  If the spot where you want the station to be is not over an outlet, you can still reduce multiple cords down to one extension cord and have it hang out the bottom of the box.

cell phone and device charging station

I’m so excited to be able to offer you the FREE BUILDING PLANS which can be found on Kreg’s free plan site, – an amazing resource for DIY enthusiasts!


Be sure to PIN THIS POST, and let me know where in your home you could use a charging station and/or who on your list would be the perfect recipient of this thoughtful gift!  I’d love to hear!

cell phone and device charging station

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  1. Thank you, thank you!! I knew we were putting off making our command center for a reason! This is just what we need to store our cell phones and such! Also I never told you thanks for all the lavender ideas! Without you i wouldn’t have known the plant in my front yard was lavender and that I could use it for so many things!!

  2. I love it Cami! Yes, the cords drive me crazy…keeping up with the cords drive me crazy. 🙂 What a nice solution! Looking forward to your gift making series!

  3. What an amazing idea! Cord is really driving me crazy. We have 4 phones, 1 tablet and 2 portable chargers 🙁 I can’t wait to see this charging station.