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Sharing the reveal for our European Organic inspired laundry room, full of elements such as natural textures, matte walls, marble stone, unique metal finishes, linen fabrics – all grounded with a simplistic design aesthetic.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  All opinions, thoughts, images, and text are my own.

It certainly wasn’t in the building-a-pole-barn-home-playbook to have any room “blog reveal worthy” at this point, especially the laundry room – which is often a room thought of dead last.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

But nothing gets us quite as motivated as a deadline!  I’m so excited to welcome you into our new laundry room!

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I have the opportunity of a lifetime to partner with The Home Depot to design a laundry room to showcase the incredibly beautiful new Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer – which are both so smart they know how to tell your phone when they are done! (Plus other amazing features!) . Can we all take a moment to realize how amazing that feature is?!

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I was as giddy as a school girl to discover the new Champagne color line for Samsung appliances.  All along, I’ve been having an internal battle not dreaming about black, white, silver or bright red – for that matter.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Along came Champagne – the perfect gentle metal color with rosy undertones, that pairs perfectly with European White Oak floors, creamy whites, and of course . . . TIDBITS blue/gray.

Laundry Room Design Board

Watch out family – doing the laundry is going to be my new favorite hobby!


Let’s step back and take a look at how far we’ve come . . . and how far we have to go on our new home.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

4 weeks ago we were wrapping up framing (which my husband did entirely) and begging and pleading with the sheet-rockers to begin their work . . . starting with the laundry room.

While the rest of the house sat in disarray, we focused on pulling together a completed laundry room, because . . . well . . . deadlines.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

We don’t even have power and water hooked up yet, so we had to bring in a generator and portable heat. I might add, this is the only room without a window, so I needed to bring in my video light boxes to get images of the space.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

We let the sheetrockers continue with the rest of the home while we created some built in cubbies, painted, added trim, installed our new custom lockers, painted some more, installed the washer and dryer in our stacked cubbies, and finally – decorated the space with laundry and cleaning essentials.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design


While surfing the web for design ideas for this new home, I came across the phrase “European Organic”. I finally felt I had found the words for the style this new home was inspiring me to create.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Upon further search, I don’t believe this is a common design title, but it sums up many of the elements that inspire me and that I hope to bring into this home. I was so pleased when I pulled together these elements in the laundry room and felt they came together nicely and were familiar to me.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Experimenting with these elements in a small scale space has given me direction and confidence for the rest of the design decisions I will be making all on my own for the remainder of the house.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Let’s talk about what those elements are that bring together many common European design trends that I love and can be found in Scandinavian, French, English, Italian, and other UK traditional homes. Mix in the word “organic” and you create a space that feels raw, natural, earthy, simple and classic. Can you see these elements in this laundry space?

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design
  • raw wood
  • matte finishes
  • unique metals
  • muted colors
  • creamy whites
  • stone
  • natural linens
  • wicker
  • time worn
  • purposeful decoration
  • classic, seamless design

Now – I don’t consider myself a “design pro”, but I do love to pull together elements that inspire me and give them a name. It brings peace to my type A personality 😉

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design
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Let’s walk through this room together and I’ll share details on the items and materials we’ve used. As always, feel free to ask me any questions you might have in the comments below.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design


Every time I stare down our blank hallway, my mind envisions tall French doors in each 8 foot doorway. It may take awhile to source them all, and none of them will match – but the search is going to be worth it.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

French doors for standard size doorways are hard to find and expensive.  I was delighted when I asked our local door company if they knew of any, and they had this set sitting in their warehouse collecting dust because it wasn’t what their previous customers had wanted after all.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Which meant they wanted to get rid of them and they were a steal of a deal! I love that they can swing open and hardly take any space on the inside. Not to mention they look so gorgeous! These are unfinished, as I wish to take my time figuring out the best way to finish them.


Our laundry room has to double as a mudroom, which is why we were sure to make space for some storage lockers and a bench.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

We were just about to purchase some IKEA cabinets when I just felt really, well . . . blah about them. They looked so, well . . . IKEA.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I did some research and discovered this hidden gem of a company called Sawdust City, that makes custom country cabinets. This was a perfect solution for us because we didn’t have the time/desire to make our own to fit this corner, and Sawdust City was so great to help us with this particularly rushed project.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

They are darling, fit our space perfectly and will fit the needs of our family perfectly.


Wanting to add a splash of color and wall detail in here, we opted for some planks and shaker pegs, all painted with PPG color “Elemental”.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Truth be told, I meant for this to be a bit bolder of a color – which I may change up when time is on my side. I was concerned if I went too dark in a room with no natural light, it may not be what I was expecting.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Nonetheless, it is a lovely blue/gray shade and adds just the right amount of color for this small space.


European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Just behind the door we added a ironing board holder to place our ironing board. It hides the electric box perfectly! We did have to add a built in box on the floor to hide the piping for our radiant floor heating. I was concerned about it, but once painted you hardly notice the disruption.


Because we spent our allotted budget on cabinets for this space on the lockers, we had to figure out a way to get storage around the washer and dryer without buying more cabinets.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

It’s a good thing I ADORE open shelving concepts because adding these built in cubbies did just the trick.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I have easy access to places to store linen towels, extra hangers for items that need to hang dry, crocs to place lost socks and dryer lint, an antique wood bowl for my wool dryer balls, and much more.


The highlight of this space for me is the Samsung Champagne front load washer and dryer, which you can find at The Home Depot.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I’d love to hear in the comments what you think of this color! Isn’t it so unique, beautiful and timeless?!

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

You’ll have to check out all the amazing features of this new washer and dryer Smart design, but my favorites include:

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design
  • Can be remotely started and scheduled through wifi connectivity on your phone or devices with the SmartThings App.
  • Receive notifications when it is finished (goodbye stinky rags that I forgot to change for days!)
  • Wash a full load in 30 minutes (Life. Changing. Can’t. Wait.)
  • Large 4.5 cubic feet loads (great for my family of 6!)
  • Delivery, installation and haul away options from The Home Depot.
  • Quite, Energy efficient, steam functionality, and so much more!
European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

This is me happily checking out the Smart features and dreaming about how much easier this is going to make my mommy life.

Be sure to shop Samsung Appliances with the Home Depot, and view the other colors and features available with their new Smart Appliances, then let me know what you think!

Let me shed a little light on why we decided to stack our washer and dryer in built-in cubbies.

  1. Surrounding storage without spending on cabinets
  2. Space saving
  3. Allowed room for a countertop for folding AND shelves for baskets
  4. Design wise, stacked washers and dryers are a very common European practice. In fact, they officially call this “European Laundry“, where they are often stacked inside a closet. Not many traditional homes in Europe have space for a devoted laundry “room” so this is their solution.


I knew I had to have a bit of marble in the laundry room, and Mr. TIDBITS came to my rescue.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

He had me go to a countertop remnant place in our area, and pick out a big enough slab to cover our countertop, backsplash and for a little marble shelf. I got the whole slab for a total of $250.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Then he was able to cut it with his saw and a blade made for stone, and polished it smooth.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

It turned out absolutely lovely, and I love that it is deep enough to store items on and gives me room for folding a few items.


We included a Persian white light fixture, ceiling can lights and some body movement sensor under cabinet lighting – which you can see in the background in the image below.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

All these together create a bright and moody space, perfect for a room with zero natural light.


We’ve purchase this flooring for our entire house (minus bathrooms) and it was great to lay it down in the laundry room and fall so in love with it all over again.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

It’s called European Oak, wire brushed engineered hardwood. We have to install it by glueing it down on the concrete floor below (remember we are building a slab on grade, pole barn home). But it is a beautiful wide plank flooring option.


When it comes to the decor in this space, it is all very useful and practical.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I used canisters with signs of age, natural wood tones, and kept the color scheme very neutral in the items I brought in.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I found many of the items at the Vintage Market that came into our town just in time. If you would like to find exact sources for the items that do have links, be sure to visit my “Shop my Style” page where I have those for you.

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European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our new laundry room! Through our year of renting a home and 6 months of RV living, I can’t even tell you how good it felt to create “home” for us again.

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

While we won’t be able to live here for another month or so, it has done my heart good to dive into my favorite creative work of all time – designing and creating spaces with my husband.

Please let me know what you think about this space in the comments below. I love to hear from you and am so grateful you took the time to visit today.

Be sure to PIN THIS POST, and stay tuned while we race to pull together a bathroom and most of a kitchen so we can move in and slowly finish the rest of the home!

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  1. Beautiful job on your laundry room! We have recently moved into a 120 year old home and decided to move the laundry to a second floor walk-in closet. Your laundry room photo stopped me in my tracks! The design is exactly what we’re looking for. My husband is pretty handy and I think this is something we can tackle on our own. Our washer and dryer are European size (Miele stackable) as we’re empty nesters so we may even have a little more space to utilize above the dryer. May I ask…what kind of material did you use for the laundry cubby project? Is it plywood? What thickness? Thank you and I wish you the very best with your future projects!

  2. Do you have more pictures of the woodworking construction? I’m trying to mirror this structure exactly for my laundry room. It’s probably the same size and I also have the Samsung washer and dryers! I’m new to using plywood for construction so I’m just trying to figure out the support to put the dryer on top.

  3. This is so pretty yet functional. Did your husband build all built-in shelves himself, or did you have someone build them? I’m remodeling my home soon, and my husband can’t build stuff so I’m wondering if it is worth getting someone to build them or if I should just try to find the best-fitting solutions! Thanks!

  4. Hi!, This is my first visit to your TIDBITS blog. Your post is very informative. I think the color of your washer is so unique, beautiful and timeless! But I want to know what is PPG color?

  5. Beautiful space. Almost makes me want to do laundry – almost!

    You note that this post is sponsored by Home Depot. Does that mean that your new washer and dryer and perhaps other items (flooring, paint etc.) were a gift from Home Depot?

  6. Hi Cami,

    I haven’t read all the comments about the new laundry room, so forgive me if this was mentioned…..If the washer/dryer is difficult to reach, why not add a ladder that moves along a rail. I see a wood piece at the ceiling where a rail could be attached to, and I bet your husband could modify a wooden ladder that can move along the rail at the top, with rollers on the bottom legs of the ladder. You would also be able to easily access your special things on the upper shelves too.

  7. Absolutely stunning! So calm, and beautiful. I’d want to just hang out in there, lol. Thanks for sharing, I’m working on my own (tiny) laundry redo and will happily incorporate some of your ideas!

  8. I love this! This is so beautiful! We are currently living in a condo and have a closet for our laundry room. But I can’t wait to create a space where my husband will stay away and I can make it so fun like yours! Thanks for sharing your inspiring pictures! Are these on Pinterest yet??

  9. Cami,

    It looks like you applied “Parkinson’s Law” where the task fits the time. You did a wonderful job especially for it being such short notice, and I know it must feel good to have performed magic well, getting it done.

    I am also glad to hear the RV got sold to a family of six, well done!


  10. I love it! The muted colors make it a peaceful room. But they’re my favs too. Well thot out. I enjoy your blog so very much and use ideas you have. I’m creative and good with decor but you have great ideas that enhance or simplify and inspire!!!

  11. Everything looks amazing, Cami! I was wondering if you were going to have to use a stool to load that top appliance… but the remote makes perfect sense! Washers USED to do the laundry in 30 minutes ( I think about my first washer and dryer in the late 80s), but for some reason, they started making washers take 45-50 minutes for a load… doesn’t make sense! Glad to hear Samsung has ‘fixed’ this. 😉 Have fun in that new cleaning space… again, it’s amazing!

  12. Hi! I don’t comment typically on most websites but felt I had to on this one out of curiosity. The room is beautiful! Not my particular color style but I appreciate the beauty of it non-the-less….it’s the designer in me. My question is why the washer on top? Typically when I design laundry rooms the washer goes on bottom due to weight and the “walking” that can happen when the washer is stuffed full. Aren’t you concerned it will “walk’ off the ledge or did hubbie put something in to stop it from walking forward? Just Curious. I have enjoyed reading about your journey, so I was excited to see your laundry reveal as well look forward to your future room reveals

    1. I know it’s been a year, but I just saw this post. I have the EXACT same question about the washer at the top. :-). I don’t see a response to your question. Darn! I’d like to do the same, but don’t want to regret that decision….

  13. It looks beautiful–except that photo with you standing next to the machines stopped me in my tracks. That looks very inconvenient. I was relieved to see that it can be controlled remotely, but I’m still wondering if that may not be something you will regret. Sorry to be a Puddleglum!

    1. Here, I thought you didn’t like to see me (wink) . Haha! I can reach it on my tip toes, or control it with my phone. My kids can reach it when they stand on the bench. But I love what other things I was able to fit on this small wall by stacking them. Countertop space and basket space! That’s huge for me! I sketched so many plans and this one just had the most benefits, even with that little annoyance. Perhaps someday we will have a large laundry room and can just place them on pedestals and have them the ideal height. But with this tiny room, we tried to make the very most of it! Thank you so so much for visiting Marilyn!

  14. You did an amazing job! It’s so you! This space makes me so stinking excited to see what you do with the rest of your house!

    1. Thank you Stacy dear! I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the house 😉 . If only we could keep up this kind of pace without total exhaustion, eh?! Hugs!

  15. Who knew a laundry room could be so lovely and inviting…and yet you have made it so, Cami. And what a wonderful hint at what is to come from the rest of the home that you two are literally building from the ground up. Cheers, Ardith

    1. You are always so kind Ardith! Yes, quite literally. We are exhausted but this project really encouraged us with hope! We remembered why we enjoy doing this “home” business together. Big hugs! Please come back often! I adore you!

  16. Stunning! I love your European Organic design in your new laundry room. You know this will be the new look in so many homes across America now. I can’t wait to see what your new home will look like when you are finished. Just beautiful.

    1. Starting a trend, eh?! Ha! In the end, all I care is that it makes my eyes happy 😉 . Thank you so much for your encouraging words Patty!

  17. I have a stacked washer and dryer and have to use a step stool to change the settings. Awkward at best. Nice designing job. Very functional

    1. I can reach it on my tip toes, or control it with my phone. My kids can reach it when they stand on the bench. But I love what other things I was able to fit on this small wall by stacking them. Countertop space and basket space! That’s huge for me!

    1. I can reach it on my tip toes, or control it with my phone. My kids can reach it when they stand on the bench. But I love what other things I was able to fit on this small wall by stacking them. Countertop space and basket space! That’s huge for me!

  18. Love your new laundry room. The storage is awesome and the appliance co!or is so pretty. The only thing I wouldn’t like is the height of what I assume is the dryer. Way too high for me. Good thing it can be controlled remotely. But I would need a stool to get clothes out of it and your kids definitely will.

    1. Yes, I thought long and hard about that challenge. I can reach it on my tip toes, or control it with my phone. My kids can reach it when they stand on the bench. But I love what other things I was able to fit on this small wall by stacking them. Countertop space and basket space! That’s huge for me!

  19. Congratulations! What a lovely room to do such a dreaded task. Praying for patience and stress free days in the month ahead.

    1. I agree, laundry is my least favorite chore. This should make it a bit better 😉 . I am so grateful for your prayers! I’ve needed lots of patience this year!

  20. What a beautiful space! Congratulations on making your dream become a reality…can’t wait to see the rest of your home 🙂
    All the best!