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Have I mentioned I am having a baby boy in 3 months?
My husband is as giddy as a man can get.
However – the pattern seems to be – whenever I am making a baby, all things in the creativity and productivity department come to a screeching halt.
Which might explain why our remodels to our kitchen and dining room sit half done.
And it just might stay like that for spell while we make a space for the new addition.  Thinking “boy” is new and exciting for me – though my brain is struggling to come up with the vision for his tiny room.
But I was so grateful for the chance to snap some pictures of my big sister and her cute family.  It proved to be more challenging chasing down little ones with a big belly, but it sure did help me dive back into my creative mode.  And if felt so good.
There is something so rewarding about photography.
It is so easy to look back and see how far you have come.  The pictures you once thought were so good, now show that you have only gotten that much better.
And yet, you can always search online to discover there is always room for improvement.
And that is what makes this hobby so challenging and rewarding.
It’s also great to be able to offer my family something they can’t do for themselves.
My sister has the most witty, stubborn, and funny 3 year old you could possibly imagine.
And a couple of little monkeys that keep her on her toes.
Each one a beautiful miracle baby.
I had a great time trying to capture all that on camera.
And I can’t forget her husband who refuses to ever grow up.
They all make a wonderful contribution to our ever growing family.
I’ll never forget watching my sister bring home 2 babies at a time from the hospital.
My mind couldn’t fathom having 2 babies to care for.  One has always been plenty for me.
But she has handled it all with such grace, wisdom, and organization.  As she does everything.
She has no doubt had her meltdowns.
But that is when her hubs comes to the rescue with their motorcycle and an adventure to take her on.
They make a good team.
And they make cute kids!
I have always looked up to my beautiful, talented sister.  She has been there to the rescue more times than I can recall, and has taught me to relax and cherish the most important things in life.
No matter how hard or crazy life gets . . .
She just keeps smiling.
Love ya sis!!

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like you found the perfect spot for an afternoon photo shoot. You are very talented my friend! Love these!