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We’ve had a lot of birthday parties for my side of the family around here lately.  It seems almost all my nieces and nephews came around the same few months.  I tend to make over-achiever goals like “I’m going to make all their gifts this year.”  Well, it usually comes down to the day of, and I need something quick (yet meaningful) to make.  So I’ve leaned on some of my favorites I’ve seen around blogland that are quick and easy.

I’ve drooled over these boy’s T-shirts from the blog, I am momma – hear me ROAR, for a long time.

My husband wasn’t too exited about the idea of wearing it, so it’s a good thing I had a couple of nephews to make them for.

Another older, and too cool for that T-shirt nephew, got a hobo bag.  Dana, from MADE, shares the super easy tutorial for that.  This one was fun because I made it from my husbands old shirts he doesn’t wear.  I was so thrilled that my nephew just loved this bag.  It can be a little risky giving a 10 year old a homemade gift.

For a niece turning 1 year old, and who loves to pack stuff around, I had to make this cushion.  There are some great instructions for this here.  I bought my filling and fabric at hobby lobby.

For a 3 year old niece, I made this simple skirt.  Instructions also found on MADE, with a little tweaking.

It’s a good thing all these projects have been quick.  Since the baby has become mobile . . .

I’m finding it very difficult to get anything accomplished.

Haven’t even started on Halloween costumes, even with their elaborate plans in my head.  That’s another ridiculous handmade goal I’ve set for myself.

Poor kid.  Always getting poked by my Barbra Streisand nose.

But something inside of me tells me the ones you love the most deserve the best your hands have to offer.

And even if some might not appreciate handmade as much as others, it always makes me feel better giving them something truly from the heart, that required a little more effort.
What are your go-to handmade gifts?  Or do you think they are even worth it?  Sometimes I have the thought to reserve my energy just for my kids where I can make them use the handmade stuff 🙂
I’d love to hear your thoughts, with the holidays creeping up on us and all.

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  1. Is this your only blog on this matter? If you have any more blogs or anything on this can you please let me know? I found this blog very enticing.<br />

  2. I love to make homemade gifts, but I have ended up reserving them just for kids, hubby, and sometimes grandparents. It is harder to get them right for the extended family, and I don&#39;t want to put all my time in for it to get shelved. Or make them feel obligated to use something they don&#39;t actually love just because I made it. 🙂 As my girls get older I think they will get in on the

  3. I love home-made gifts. They do require more thought and I think that shows people that you really care about them. It may be easier to just buy a gift card to a place but then it doesn&#39;t have that much of a special memory to go with it. All of the things you made were great! The T-shirts really got me laughing. I also love to do home-made gifts but only get to really do them at Christmas

  4. That cushion and tote bag are ones I&#39;ll have to take a look at. They look like a great idea for gifts. Your daughter is adorable!