How to Make Force of Nature Cleaner

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create Force of Nature’s cleaning disinfectant.


1.) Fill with filtered water

You want to fill the electrolyzer to the fill line with water. It is best to use filtered water, so I just fill it up with my Berkey water filter. You may need to buy bottled water if you don’t have a filter system, especially if you have hard water.

2) Plug in the electrolyzer

This nifty device is going to make the cleaning solution for you. Such a breeze!

3) Pour in the salt and vinegar solution from the carefully measured capsule

These capsules have the exact measurements for accurate results. It’s really important that you use these capsules because otherwise, you’ll end up with a solution that could be more like bleach than this gentle cleanser.

4) Push the button

Now it’s time to watch Force of Nature do its magic which only takes a couple of minutes!

5) Pour the solution into a spray bottle

The last step is to pour it into a spray bottle to use. The starter kit comes with this bottle, but you can use any bottle you have at home as well.  You could put it into smaller bottles and keep it in each bathroom, or in the car, or in your purse.