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Well, I got the last costume sewn, with 2 days to spare before trick-or-treating. I really thought about a tutorial on this one, but decided I needed to just hurry and get it done instead. Plus, I’m sure the costume craze is done for this years Halloween. However, if I see enough interest, I would love to make a tutorial by sewing one for my 4 year old. It would be a great Angel outfit for Christmas pageants. So let me know if you would be interested in a tutorial before Christmas. I have plenty of this fabric thanks to my mother-in-law.

Usually the words “2 year old” and “angel” don’t belong in the same sentence, but this little one has been an angel from the beginning. She has her dad’s easy going attitude.

Making the perfect angel. I think my older daughter has a little too much of me in her. She’s a little more temperamental 🙂

She really likes the sleeves on the dress.

I told her to pretend to pray so I could get a picture, and this was what she did. She must have seen me the other night praying for patience as I try to endure the end of my pregnancy well.

This costume was completely free for me as I used stuff I already had on hand. However, the wings cost 3 dollars. I opted to buy them rather then make my own because they were so cheap. They do look more like butterfly wings but it was the only white and silver ones we could find. She doesn’t care, so I don’t care.

Here is a shot of the cute little angel toes, and the hem.

And my favorite little angel hands, with green marker all over them and week old nail polish. Doesn’t get sweeter than that.

I made my own pattern pieces using the shape of this pattern as a guide, minus the waistline.

I wanted the sleeves to be similar to these long pretty flowing ones, so I drew up my own in the right size using the shape they had in this pattern as a guide.

Here are my finished front and back pattern pieces.

The sleeve piece looked like this.

Happy Halloween!

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