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Been a bit busy.
 Let me fill you in – in case you were wondering 🙂
We sold the homestead.  I was just about in tears packing up this room.  Mostly because there is no where to unpack it for awhile.  We are living with my mom (bless her heart) while we figure out where the next adventure will take us.
 Took some pics of my sis all prettied up.
That was fun.

Well, it was fun until the crying bride asked me to decorate for her wedding 2 weeks before the day.  I was still trying to pack a whole house with 3 little kids, mind you.  I love my sis, and she is lucky I do.


In the midst of chaos, we turned 70 of these hydrangeas-


into centerpieces (who knew you could spray paint flowers!).

And enjoyed some lovely calla lilies here and there.

The wedding day went great.

And with all I had to do to get ready for it, I couldn’t resist the urge to sew up some matching skirts for the young-ins’.  This was the last thing to be stitched before it was all packed up.

Any of you with little children know how exhausting a wedding day can be with no possibilities of nap time.

This month also brought the passing of my 90 year old grandfather.  It was a beautiful day in respect of a great man who gave years of service to our country.

And now with all that behind me, I think I will take a minute to just breathe.

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  1. I&#39;d say you need a bit more than a breather!!! Your sister looked lovely, and your girls are obviously upset about the lack of a sewing room, giggle… Yes, nap-times and weddings just aren&#39;t good friends I guess.<br />Best wishes in your adventures ahead and best thoughts and prayers!!!

  2. Oh wow, you have been busy! I love how you can just whip up some skirts like that, amidst all the other things you are juggling. You inspire me.