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I have been itching to make some clothes for my kids!  It has really been too long.  I have been a bit distracted with home renovations and other hobbies, sewing clothes for my kiddos has kind of taken the back burner.
Lil' Blue Dress | Sewing for Girls
After making this dress, I truly realized how much I missed it.
Once Dana from MADE put out this simple dress pattern, I knew I was going to need to get my hands on it and try it out.  Her patterns are so easy to follow, and so well done (just my personal opinion).
I loved how the pattern showed so many versatile ways to change the pattern to your liking.
I opted for the A-line dress with cap sleeves and added small loops on the sides to hold a ribbon around the waist.
I also added some lace to the hem.
 It looks absolutely lovely on my little angel.
The fabric is a very soft pale blue, in linen fabric.
 Which just so happens to be my favorite of all types of fabric, and color choices (found at Wal-Mart of all places).
 It is so strangely rewarding to me to see my children wearing something I made for them.
It is possibly my favorite choice of hobbies.  If only I could stay focused on just one 😉
This little sweetie is almost 8 years old and has a whole list of hobbies of her own that she wants to keep up on, and of course needs my help with.  To name a few – Violin, piano, sewing (so proud), art, jump rope (yes, that is a hobby at her school), and redecorating her room (this secretly drives me crazy!).
 If only time would stand still and make her stop growing, I might be able to catch up on it all.
But, alas….it does not.  And she grows more and more beautiful each day.  So I suppose me and my sewing machine will have to try our hardest to keep up with the growing pains.

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  1. Such a simple dress but a real classic. The photos are incredibly professional looking – well done. Even the styling, with your daughter's hair and the lovely greenery in the background. Dana's blog is so great isn't it? 🙂