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30 Pants in 30 Days

Pant Project #16

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The next few or so pants on the list will be lounge pants for the kids. Pants like these are comfy and suit many purposes. This is a bit embarrassing to admit but when I am pregnant I live in lounge pants. In fact, after this last baby I finally put on a pair of jeans and my 4 year old asked me why I was wearing daddy’s pants.

Truth be told, some day’s comfort is just priority. Perhaps for a good reason. If I ever send the girls to get dressed by themselves – lounge pants are the first pick. It may not always look good, but kids know for the best play they need to be comfortable.

Or maybe they are just trying to look like mom (shame).

These are great pants to make out of old clothing items. Those were my sisters KTM sweater knit pants she didn’t want any more. It can be fun to find new ways to preserve a logo off of old clothing, since you usually pay good money for it.

I simply laid the pant pattern on the pants where I wanted them. Since there was a side seam already sewn, I didn’t cut that side. Then I sewed the pants up like I would a pair of leggings, which generally don’t have side seams in the patterns. I wanted the unfinished edge on the hem so I just stretched it so it would role up.

Easy peasy.

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  1. Now that google will let me comment…<br /><br />CUTE. I got a pair of pants at Wal-mart for $1 and I think I&#39;ll just do this with em. Quick and easy! I&#39;m really impressed with all your pants so far!<br /><br />And that was hilarious about &quot;daddy&#39;s pants.&quot;