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I’m so excited to introduce you to a brand new series for my blog called “Meet the Blogger“.

Back in the good ol’ blogging days, we used to do things that were called “blog swaps“, and I thought they were so helpful to introduce my readers to other like-minded creatives that enjoy all things home, decor, DIY and family.  So once a month, I’ll be resurrecting blog swaps and sharing some of my nearest and dearest blog friends.  They have all inspired me and continue to inspire me with their incredible creative work online.  I hope this is something you will enjoy and I hope you will also find inspiration and ideas to fill your heart, mind and soul.

Meet the Blogger - a monthly series to help you discover new creatives, ideas and inspiration.

To kick things off, I want you to meet Sara, from Sincerely, Sara D.



I want to share one of my first interactions with Sara, which happened to be in real life at Haven Conference.  We were both nervously awaiting our turn to pitch in person to Home Depot for a huge project or room makeover.  I wish you all could have seen Sara.  She had beautiful huge prints showcasing her kitchen and family struggling to all work in the poorly planned space at the same time.  Then she had a perfectly laid out plan to transform the space into the dream kitchen we all now know and love.  Needless to say, Sara crushed it that day, got the sponsorship, and we all benefited from seeing her create our dream kitchen in all it’s lovely glory.  Also needless to say . . . I didn’t get the job . . . but have never forgotten this sweet gal and came out with a new friendship that I just treasure!  That’s a win for me!

Here she is my friends!  Enjoy!


Hello! My name is Sara, and I blog about my DIY home decor adventures at Sincerely, Sara D.

I’m excited to be here on TIDBITS and have had the honor of meeting Cami at several blogger events. She is as sweet and kind in real life as she comes across on her blog.

This past year has been crazy busy as we remodeled several spaces in our home. The most exciting (and exhausting) recent remodel was our kitchen. My husband and I (with the help of some friends), tore out our old kitchen. Over a nine week span, we rebuilt our kitchen. You can see the entire process here, beginning with week one.

We used RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets, and I talk about that process here. We installed the farmhouse sink and I share a tutorial on that process on my blog.

We knocked out half of a wall to open up our kitchen, and I made an inexpensive gallery wall on the other side.

Our family room has seen lots of changes, and you can see what it once looked like here. It looked nothing like it does now!

Due to a major leak in our master bathroom, we had to remodel the space.

The bathroom is now one of my favorite spaces in our home, and I share all the before and after photos here.

I remodeled our laundry room because I wanted to pretty up the space I use a lot, but I also wanted a little trial run with the subway tile before we remodeled the kitchen. Our DIY laundry room makeover made such a difference – I almost enjoy laundry now.

I made over our mudroom with paint and wallpaper, and the coat rack is an easy IKEA hack.

The shoe rack is an antique find, but there are free plans to make your own.

My husband and I have been married almost 17 years, and we’ve always had a room full of leftover pieces. However, we our master had a makeover, and the space finally received the attention it deserves – See the full makeover here.

My growing boys outgrew their room, so we updated their room. This space should now take them from their tween years until they graduate (something I don’t want to think about too much)!

Cami, thanks so much for having me today. I hope I can inspire your readers!

Go create (or paint) something!


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 *Find me (Cami) sharing some before and afters on Sincerely, Sara D. today as well!  I’d love to know what you think of the new series, in the comments below!

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