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I wouldn’t technically call it a costume.
You see, I don’t find costumes at this age too necessary.  Mostly because she will be in bed before trick-or-treating even begins.  Not to mention she couldn’t care less what she is wearing.
But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be cute Halloween day, right?  The whole outfit was put together with stuff I already had.  The skirt is a simple rectangle hemmed and sewn with elastic at the top.  Much like seen on my all time favorite blog, MADE.
The big “thing” on her head is called a “hat-ette”.  You’ll find the tutorial for them on Delia Creates.  Which happens to be one of my top favorite blogs also.  She has a few more of them that are just as cute.
 They suit any age.
And can be worn any way.
The goal would be to distract them long enough to keep it on their head for a few pictures.
These cute jars worked for a bit.
Speaking of these cute jars, the tutorial for them is found on yet another of my top favorite blogs, Make it and Love it.  They are really fun to make, and helped me add to my desperately needed Halloween decor.
It wasn’t long though until the “hat-ette” was torn off and forgotten.
Way adorable while it lasted.
So that wraps up the costumes this year.  What about me and my husband, you say?  Hmmmm.  Not really my thing.  I prefer to dazzle up my children.
But who knows, maybe I’ll whip up a “hat-ette” for myself.

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