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 Day 5:  Blog Design
 If you noticed my new blog header, you might be able to guess what this day is about.  I was playing around with the My Memories Suite software to create the new header.  There were plenty of options to play with. 
 In fact, do you want to see which ones were created but got the boot?  
It was getting late and my brain was having a hard time feeling creative.  So some of them are a little questionable.
Boy, you should have seen the ones that didn’t even have the chance to be saved.
 But you should probably be glad you didn’t.
However, I found My Memories to be great for making a header, and has plenty of free options for any kind of digital design.
In the end, the buttons got to stay.  We will see for how long.  Did you prefer any of the other ones?
Only 3 days left on the giveaway.  Your chances are still pretty high for some free software 🙂

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