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Day 6:  Freebies!!
What I love about the My Memories company, is the frequent freebies they offer.  Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the work.  And get this – you don’t even need the software to download and print these!  The extra perk of having the software is being able to customize and change the elements to your liking.
Check out these cute printable crowns!
 Free Download
Click here to get a better look and download your freebie above.  If you want the software go here and use my coupon code (STMMMS98607) .  It will save you $10 off the software and give you $10 dollars to spend on anything on the My Memories site.
Free Download  
These crowns would be perfect for a little ones party, or just for fun.  Go here to download the above freebie.
Free Download
 Download here.
 I just love that you can insert a picture, name, age or anything you want on each crown.  So cute!!!  I have come to really look forward to my emails from My Memories announcing their latest freebies.
I’ve got my final project using My Memories software in the works.  See you tomorrow (digitally speaking)!!


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