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Pajama Pants

To see pant project #1, click here.

I’m not really sure why we have so many Jammy tops, and not enough bottoms, but I’m determined to resolve this problem.

Even though I can’t help but think the little panty bum with a T-shirt is too cute, my husband tells me it’s probably not a habit we want our girls to get into. He has a point. 16 year old panty bum may be a little awkward down the road.

Fortunately, they still like to show off their bums, even in cute P.J. pants. I told them to turn around so I could see their bottoms and that is what I got.

Tired and Grouchy. That’s why their pajamas are on.

These pants complete #2 and #3 of my pant project – 30 pants in 30 days. If you missed what I’m set out to do, or want to see pant #1, click here.

And if your a regular reader of mine, you may have noticed I seem to be matching my girls a lot with their clothing. I really don’t intentionally plan that. I’ve just developed quite the stash of fabric and it’s a great way to use it up.

Oh, and the shirts match the pants because of this post here. I know, it’s totally matchy overboard.

I used the awesome pant pattern by made, found here. I made a few adaptions to fit my girls, but her pattern and instructions don’t get any better.

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  1. Your site looks great Mani! Good luck with everything.
    have learned huge knowledge from here. I am waiting for your updates

  2. I am loving your 30 pants in 30 days. Makes me want to join in the fun. What a great idea. I will definitely be following you and coming back:>

  3. I also have my daughters dress in matching clothes. The main reason is that I buy fabric from thrift stores and get such large amounts of it and the second reason is because they look so different(the older one is adopted) and I want everyone to know they both belong to me! One other thing, when posting your pants, could you identify whether you are using knit or woven material? I love the

  4. I LOVE these pj's! I think it is great how they go with the shirt too. Also don't worry about matching too much because I think it is adorable with little children. I also think it makes them easier to spot when you are on an outing too.