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We used to have a play kitchen like this

which I really started to hate. I suppose the kids had fun with it while it lasted, but it had all these sharp plastic pointy thingy’s (that’s my best explanation) poking out every where, and the doors and such needed a good jerk to get them open which the 2 year old didn’t like. I knew the plastic toy needed to go. Lucky for us, it went for 25 bucks in one day on craigslist. Maybe we should have asked more-oh well. 25 buckaroos was more than we needed to crank out this sturdy and adorable bad boy.

Now I would love to say that I whipped out my power tools and went to work, but unfortunately I must give some credit to my handy man husband. Okay, okay – almost all the credit goes to him. But seriously, you must know that I was the brains behind the power tools, right? I refuse to let him get all the praise! (Though he probably deserves it for making it so cute). There is a ton of inspiration for these kitchens online, and I will link to my favorites at the bottom of this post. I loved this style because of it’s smaller size, and basic functions. Perfect for my little girls!

It started out as this cheapo black side table we bought from Wal-Mart when we were first married. I was very happy to see it be turned into something else. Then with scraps of wood, my partner in crime built it up. I told him to take pictures as he went along, but this is the only one that came out. He doesn’t get my blogging obsession and need for so many pictures.

As with so many others online, we used creative wood shapes to build the parts. Wooden circles for the oven plates and wooden wheels that twist for the knobs. These were all bought at a craft store. An upside down J he cut (which I totally didn’t know he could do! Oh the projects for him are piling up now!). Wooden circles and knobs were also bought at the craft store for the faucets. The sink was a thrift store pot with the handle yanked off. The backsplash is made from wooden squares he cut.

He found plexiglas in my families gravel pit and made the oven door. Inside was a surprise present for the girls on Christmas morning. It was a Melissa and Doug cookie set. I wish I had money to collect all the Melissa and Doug toys. LOVE THEM!

The curtain, which I suppose was my biggest contribution, is great for hiding all the food and such.

We (okay, him) added plenty of hooks for hanging their aprons and rags and other needed kitchen items.

They just love playing with it!
I suppose while I am bragging about my husbands mad skills, I’ll show you what else he whipped up for Christmas morning.

The perfect table and chairs to go with it. Now I get to play restaurant all day long with my girls.

These were really on my Christmas list for years. Santa finally came through.

I love the storage underneath the chairs. Now I can adore the mini table without all the clutter from coloring books and paper everywhere. The table was actually completely free from a garage sale. It needed a little work, but that was nothing my man couldn’t handle. As for the chairs, each only cost 3 dollars in wood to make, believe it or not. The paint, I already had on hand. Can’t beat that!

I suppose the purpose behind it all was to engrave a love of cooking in my children, so that some day they will do the cooking for me while I sew and craft. Mini pizza’s were our trial run, and they turned out great! Before we know it, they will be whipping out steak and potatoes like pro’s. We have to channel all these female hormones running through our house somehow!

Thanks for stopping by my little bloggy world!

P.S. I love comments!

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  1. Cami…you rock! I am also a crafty SAHM and you have been such an inspiration! I have a 2-year-old and thus far in her toddlerhood, my ability to craft has been limited because she always wants to be doing what I do! She's learning though, and I'm so glad to have found your blog for inspiration! Thanks!

  2. You and your husband are incredibly talented! I can't believe you made that kitchen for your girls! Wow! I am so inspired by you and your craftiness. Can't wait to read more posts!

  3. CAMI! I ran across your blog from Brandy's. I love your craftyness! I wish I had some in me. I totally want to copy your kitchen idea. So cute! And 3 girls! Were getting to old aren't we. šŸ˜‰ There all so cute! Congrats on your newest!!

  4. OH my goodness! Love love love it! I am going to have to get to work on one of those for my little girl! You are so smart!

  5. this is so cute! i don't have kids yet, but i am a future teacher and this would be great in a classroom for the little ones šŸ™‚ thanks for sharing! ~Cara Lee

  6. Wow! You really thought of all details for this one! I hope I have little girls in a few years and I will have my handy husband do the same!!

  7. adorable! my neices would love this. it&#39;s so chic! i&#39;d love a little matching work bench for my son. :)<br /><br />

  8. I LOVE what you did for your daughters. IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING!!! I so wish I had a little girl to try out all of these ideas on too.

  9. SO stinkin&#39; cute! I have a kitchen idea brewwing in my head as we speak. Can&#39;t wait to get working on it! LOVE THIS!<br /><br />Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  10. Awesome! What a great team you make, crafty momma and handy husband! <br />And, if being a girl means you have an innate ability to cook… I need a refund!!! šŸ™‚

  11. Wow! I love how this turned out and am super jealous. Makes me want to get me some power tools