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It’s late on a Friday night, and even though I am exhausted I can’t seem to sleep when the hubby has to work really really late. So, I’m hoping a new post will calm my long day nerves and knock me out for the night. First, I would really like to thank my followers! I hit the big 2-5 today! I was pretty excited. Thank you so much for all your support. It’s so good to know people are reading this. When I started I was sure my mother and mother-in-law would be the only ones to glance at it from time to time. All the sweet comments and rising hits help me get through some days. Thank you!
Now, I would like you to meet my living room. It’s tiny. Not much can fit in there. Though it is cozy and comfortable, when holiday decorations come around or I get a hankering for some cute thrifty home decor, there is really very limited space to put such things. The only spot (without cluttering the room) to place decor is on that tiny side table (if it can be called that) Wal-Mart special. And the problem with that spot is everything has to be full childproof because whatever is on there seem to draw the little ones to it all day. It’s really hard to put anything cute on there, though it needs it desperately.

I saw these hemp balls over at make it and love it, the blog we all know and love. She is a crafty genius. She has a wonderful tutorial if you are interested. I don’t normally post my re-makes of others ideas, but I really, really like these. It was just what that little shelf needed, and childproof enough. Though, I’m sure I’ll be fixing them several times a day.
I found the wire basket at a thrift store for a dollar. Black spray paint prettied her up.
Even after a few throws around the kitchen, they are still holding up.

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  1. Wow! This side table space up is so well designed and that wire basket with black paint is making it look even prettier.

  2. Love the hemp balls! It&#39;s amazing how something so… small can make such a difference isn&#39;t it?<br />Jenn<br />

  3. I have a small living room too, although mine is always scattered with baby toys. Confess, you spent 20 minutes cleaning before snapping the photo right? lol

  4. Cami- I check out your blog when I get the chance and I love it! You are so talented, Keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. I love those hemp balls and wire basket. Don&#39;t you just love spray paint? Thanks for coming by. Have a beautiful weekend.