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Summer decorating is best when relaxed and fuss-free. Whether you’re planning on decorating the master bedroom or thinking about adding some furniture or accessories, enjoy this tour of my Summer Bedroom – cleaned, simplified, and refreshed for the warmer months.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

Did ya’ll see my Summer tour in the Living Room post?  If you didn’t have time to, I’d love to have you view it as well. This bedroom summer tour is pretty much a continuation of the same decor idea I had for my living room, where the word “RELAX” was my inspiration.

*Room Sources found at bottom of post.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

Friends – you are all my friends right now because I’m going to be completely transparent.

I have a problem learning to relax and not stress over life.

I blame it on my mother’s disposition.  😉

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

But since I decided to “relax a little”, both in my home decor ideas and in my heart, I have discovered many joys from having my 4 children all home with me in the summer months.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

Joys I was certainly not expecting when that fearful last day of school rolled around.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

I hope they leave you inspired to enjoy the simple things in life, maybe spruce up your summer decorating ideas, and most importantly . . .

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

. . . to relax.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


This time is all about us! So this summer bedroom relaxed decorating hacks will help you loosen up a bit and find time for yourself, be more inspired with your interior design ideas, and hopefully leave you with great tips for the summer.

 So today . . . here are some summer-inspired joys to celebrate and practice as you start bedroom decorating and looking for color schemes.


Waking up before my kids.

It’s a total miracle that all 4 of my kids sleep in until about 8:00 a.m. every morning. I get to enjoy a couple of hours all to myself each day in complete, reflective, and productive silence. It’s heaven.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Slow mornings. Need I say more?

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Chore charts. Another miracle – they are working still! My 3 girls wake up and get to their morning tasks with only a slight nudge. 

Unless we have to run errands early, they make their beds every day, read books and scripture, get ready themselves, practice their music lessons, and help me with daily tasks like watering plants and dishes, cleaning bed frames, and sweeping. I honestly contribute their positive attitudes to my calmer, relaxed disposition.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS



I’m not even going to pretend we don’t have sibling fighting and some disobedience, but there have also been grand moments of connection. The connection between siblings, and re-connecting with my older children, who usually spend most of their days in school.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Freedom from the schedule. Mind you, I love my schedules. But to only have my son’s “maybe” nap time as our only scheduled activity most days, is freeing.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Summer fruit and Ice Cream for dinner.

I’ve tossed a lot of meal planning out the window, and we wing it most evenings. Who knew that concept could be enjoyable? Fresh salads, hot dogs from the gas station, BLT sandwiches, grilled veggies, and smoothies galore. Yummm.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Would you believe me if I said my house is cleaner? Have I mentioned miracles yet? But it’s true. Rather than cleaning the entire house hard on one day, I’ve opted to do a room a day and we all get involved. 

It takes less than 1/2 hour, there is some serious bondage happening, and I get to teach my kids how to clean. It’s working great so far!

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Softball games.

I used to find my kid’s softball games deathly boring. But me oh my, I now go with the attitude of the game being an opportunity to relax, and Thursday night games can’t come soon enough!

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


More hands-on mothering.

At the beginning of Summer, I had an insatiable desire to teach my kids. So if the day allows, we have “Summer School” at 3:00. I’ve let go of perfection, and we do a quick search on Pinterest for a topic my kids are interested in, and we print off some goodies and learn, create, and explore together.  

It’s been so fun, I had this ever-so-fleeting moment where I thought homeschooling would be a good idea. That thought is long gone now (hello reality), but here are a few lessons and activities we’ve enjoyed together so far. They keep all their material in their binders, and the kids love to look at them again and again.

And we’ve read stories of Ancestors too!

I can’t wait to keep learning together! Check some of these out:

Supportive Material for teaching Cooking Concepts

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS


Oh, how I treasure the cooler evenings spent with the kids and daddy. Sometimes we have to-do’s, and sometimes we have do-nothings. All have been treasured family times, and I’m thankful I didn’t fill their little lives with extra activities this Summer.

So don’t fret too much if you don’t have your perfect bedroom designed yet, this post is all about finding the little joys in things that matter.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

Friends. Mothers. I certainly do not hope to discourage you if you can’t seem to find Summer Joy at the moment. I’ve been there. 

In truth, I could also write a long post about Summer Challenges.

But today . . .

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS
Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

. . . today, I choose JOY.

Relaxed Summer Bedroom Decor by TIDBITS

Before you check out my sources, please let me know in the comments below how you find Joy during the Summer time or even your challenges.  Let’s chat about it!

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Other Sources

Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover:  I found my exact duvet cover in the clearance section of Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I have searched high and low online to find the same duvet cover, to no avail.  I’m so sorry.  It is ticking perfection and I wanted to share it with you.  However, I did find this reasonably priced similar item on Amazon or IKEA stores.  I still think it would look lovely!

Sheets:  These sheets are from Linenspa, and are the most comfortable sheets I have EVER tried!  I will never again buy anything but Tencel sheets.  They are silky yet breathable, lightweight and cozy . . . seriously!  You have to try them!  Every bed in our house got this upgrade!

Blinds Galore:  We love our roller Jute shades.  Visit THIS post to learn more about them.

Grain Sack Strip Decorative Pillows:  For all your Farmhouse pillow needs, visit my dear friend Lisa at Farmhouse on Boone.

Paint Colors:

White Trim and woodworking is Super White by Benjamin Moore.

Soft blue/gray walls is Willow Springs by PPG Paints.

Tutorials for items in post

Master Bedroom Reveal



Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

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  1. I loved this story! You’ve got your mind right, My Friend! Life gets too busy and if we don’t slow it down it will just keep speeding up, being overwhelmed just by things to do and stuff and no time and meeting our families as we come and go quickly can destroy any sense of peace we thought we had.

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  3. I remember the same challenges when my children were small and sometimes just staying home and enjoying them is what you need! Your bedroom is perfection – I love every detail 🙂

  4. Beautiful post on joy. I always loved summer when schedules could go out the window and we could relax! There were challenges but for the most part, Summer was a time the kids could just be kids!

  5. It was a nice relaxing post, so glad you are having a great summer with your family. My boys are older and have a family of their own. But we have memories to look back on and so will you. Thanks for this post.

  6. Great post!! Love the bedding. It’s important to enjoy
    This season of time with the kids . They grow
    Up as soon as you turn around.

  7. Your post is so sweet and I love the pictures of your master bedroom. I’m so glad that you are enjoying your summer with your children. I have 4 children also who are all grown up and 6 precious grandchildren. I also have 3 girls and 1 boy.