Some of these lessons were learned the hard way! Let’s see if we can prevent you from doing any of the same.

BUYING THE WRONG SIZE The first Berkey I got was the Big Berkey, which holds 2.25 gallons of water. I thought that would be plenty for our family of 6, but I found I was filling it at least 2 times a day, which was annoying.

FILLING THE TOP CHAMBER BEFORE THE BOTTOM CHAMBER IS EMPTY The filters sit in this top chamber and you pour the water in. It slowly drips and filters the clean beautiful water into the bottom chamber.

LEAVING THE SPIGOT ON Another water mishap can happen if say a child comes to get a drink and notices the water is really low.

FILLING THE BERKEY PARTIALLY To keep your filters working equally well, you want to always fill the top to completely submerge the filters and then let them drain completely.

LETTING YOUR FILTERS STAY DIRTY You have to clean your filters regularly, & you will begin to notice how frequently you need to do this because the water won’t filter through as fast.

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