Get those pictures off the screen and into a photo book – for all to enjoy!  Here are 10 creative photo book ideas to get you started.

While I share glimpses of the books I created, I’d like to also share 10 creative photo book ideas with you, and I hope you come away with a new perspective on how photo books can be designed and used.

IDEA #1:  YEARLY FAMILY ALBUMS Sum up your year in images, by printing the monthly highlights.

IDEA #2:  SPECIAL OCCASIONS Think of special occasions that would be lovely to document cohesively in a book, such as: - Weddings - Vacations - Birthdays - Awards - Sports Events - Traditional, ethnical or religious celebrations

IDEA #3:  TRIED AND TRUE COOKBOOK Gather family favorites or recipes you’ve curated yourself, snap a picture or two next time you make it, and compile the recipes in a book.

IDEA #4:  WORK PORTFOLIO Compile your work in a lovely book to show prospective customers, and they will never forget you!

IDEA #5:  MILESTONES Just as I’ve done here with my daughters books, document special milestones for yourself or your children.

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