5 Things Moms Can Do To Find Peace And Joy During The Holidays

According to my Instagram friends, there is a way for moms to enjoy this busy season.  Soak in every word and discover 5 things moms can do to find peace and joy during the Holidays.

SIMPLIFY Let’s start simple. It takes courage to live with less, and appreciate more.

PRIORITIZE However you prioritize your Holiday, these ladies have shown me that it’s an absolute must if I’m to find peace and joy in my life.

DELEGATE My hubs always tells me I need to delegate, and then stay out of it!  That is so hard to do when you are a control freak.  But I loved these thoughts from these gals!

PAMPER I met and chatted with the sweetest southern lady in the Alberta airport once.  I’ll never forget what she told me when I casually mentioned I had 4 kids. “You got to take care of yourself.”

BELIEVE I couldn’t wrap this up any better if I tried.

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