A Colorful Christmas Master Bedroom

Do you bother to decorate your master bedroom for the seasons?

You know how when you visit a home, be it family or friends, the Master Bedroom feels like the taboo space.  You just don’t openly go in there, right?  It’s like the mystery room.

The fact is, the Master Bedroom is a private space.  An intimate space.  I venture to even say, a sacred space.  A space to wind down, a space to connect or disconnect, a place of rest.

I’m going to share 3 reasons why I think you should try to add some subtle Christmas touches to your Master Bedroom, even though no one but you will see it.

FREEDOM TO TRY SOMETHING YOU WOULDN’T DARE DO ELSEWHERE IN THE HOME. Like add dried roses to a glass Christmas tree. That freedom is fun, and challenging and rewarding.

KEEP THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS ALIVE AND WELL INSIDE OF YOU. Try the Master Bedroom first.  Add some Holiday cheer just for you.

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