A Colorful Christmas Girls Bedroom

Every room in the home deserves a little Holiday cheer.  Enjoy this tour of a Colorful Christmas Girls Bedroom.

I really enjoyed infusing just a touch of Colorful Christmas spirit into my girls small bedroom.  It started with switching out their books for some seasonal reads.

Then I just added simple Christmas touches here and there. It was such a treat for this mama when they came home to discover what I had done.

I splurged a bit and bought these pastel figurines at Hobby Lobby. They have accounted for hours of playing, story making, and imagination. 

I made these colored snowballs from Tissue Paper balls, painted them and rolled them in glue, snow and glitter.

Some thrift store Santa’s wait for them each day on their beds. And they were thrilled to take out their special white tree, bought just for their room a few years back.

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