Antique Inspired DIY Baker’s Rack Building Plans

Build yourself a beautiful piece of furniture with these antique inspired DIY Baker’s Rack Building Plans. Made for your baked goods or to display your kitchen decor and functional baking needs.

There is the most perfect little nook in our kitchen that was begging for an antique bakers rack. However, finding an actual “antique” that was the perfect size was near impossible.

What is a baker’s rack lover supposed to do then? Make one, of course! We were inspired by many unique shapes of antique baker’s racks online, and crafted the design to have all my favorite features.


1. Made from beautiful walnut wood 2. Wooden slats for air flow and style 3. Not too high, not too low 4. Rounded edges on all the wood 5. A slight lip on each shelf


Should you want to make your own antique inspired baker’s rack, you want to find a harder wood to work with.

Pine, poplar – those are all soft woods and would have made building it more difficult and the overall strength of the piece would not be as good. Walnut and white oak are great options to build a baker’s rack out of.


There are many purposes for having a baker’s rack in your home. Mine was to house some of my mixing bowls, table linens, serving trays – and of course to be a design statement.

I also believe it will be perfect to dry and display herbs when summer rolls around. In fact, because there is such great airflow through the slats of the shelves, it would also be a great herb drying rack.

I really love the pops of creamy whites against the raw walnut wood. I also mixed in more wood tones to play off the wood tones on the baker’s rack itself.

Adding antiques to this new piece is actually what helps it feel more genuinely antique. There is certainly a lot of “character” in this little corner – even if we did build it new.

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