Bathroom Flooring Inspiration

As you probably already know, tile is a great option for bathrooms.  Water and moisture resistant, pretty easy to install, and the selections are endless.

PATTERNED TILE I’ve always wanted the courage to choose a creative flooring, and I think bathroom spaces are the perfect chance to do that.

Lotus Ceramic in blue This vintage/antique looking piece of tile caught my eye right away! 

MAJORELLE TILE This lovely white patterned tile reminded me of doily’s.  What a beautiful feminine space it would make!

MASSA FLOOR AND WALL TILE This feels to me like it could be a classic tile, that would stand the test of time in-spite of being patterned.

KARRA HEXAGON TILE I found this tile really intriguing.  It has marble veining throughout, yet a subtle green faded pattern on top.

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