Bathroom Refresh + My Bathroom Cleaning Essentials

Give it a good scrub down with your favorite cleaning essentials, and spruce up the space with fresh flowers.

I went to scrub town with some of my favorite bathroom cleaning essentials and it resulted in a lovely master bathroom refresh, just in time to beat off some of those winter blues.

I’ve also been hording some thrift and antique store finds and wanted to put them to good use in here.

ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS They are all products I purchase from Grove Collaborative, my favorite place to buy affordable earth friendly products.

I keep these cute little white caddy’s handy where I need my cleaning essentials, which you can also get from Grove.

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM WITH MRS. MEYER’S PRODUCTS Back to my favorite bathroom cleaning essentials, I always use the Mrs. Meyers all purpose spray to wipe off any surface.

I use it for the vanity, window sills, light tub/shower cleanings, dressers . . . you name it.  It leaves the place smelling soooo good.

For the mirrors and glass light fixtures, I keep things super simple.  I just use 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar, and good ol’ paper towels.

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