How to make Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles with Old World Charm

We had the most enjoyable winter evening dipping beeswax candles and making our own homemade beeswax tapers from our very own backyard bees.

Let me show you the process for making homemade taper candles and give you some tips we learned along the way.


– String or wax wick – Bolt Nut or Candle Weight – Melting Pot – Tall metal or glass jars or thermos – Scissors


Melt your beeswax slowly – you definitely don’t want it boiling or splattering. You could also use a double boiler method, but we just used our thrifted pot.


Prep your area by covering it with some wax paper or plastic.


Tie the nuts on to the end of the string. If your container is wide enough and if you have plenty of wax, you can double up your string so you are dipping 2 at a time on the same looped string.


Pour the hot, melted wax into your jar. Be very careful – it will not feel good if you get it on your hands. Prepare your cold water in the other jar and have them next to each other.


Start dipping your string – nut side down – into the wax. Lift it back up again, almost instantly and in smooth even movements.

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