After years of making it at home, I’ve fined tuned the recipe and now declare it is BETTER than Zupas Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup! 

INGREDIENTS: - Butter - Onion - Garlic - Flour - Salt - Water - Whole milk - Chicken broth - Cauliflower - Pepperjack cheese - Cheddar cheese - Mustard

INSTRUCTIONS: Add butter to pot and melt. Add chopped onions and garlic into pot and saute for about 5 minutes or until beginning to brown.

Lower heat and add flour and stir. Slowly add water, broth, salt and chopped cauliflower.

Simmer covered until cauliflower is fork tender, which takes about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add milk.

Transfer contents into a blender in comfortable batches and blend until creamy smooth. I also add my pepper jack cheese into the blender.

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