Blue and White  Girls Bedroom Makeover 

Come dream, relax and soak in all the tranquility of our blue and white girls bedroom makeover – in blissful cottage farmhouse style.

I may have prompted, suggested, begged and pleaded. But I assure you, These 3 words most definitely came out of my 11 year olds mouth.

BLUE. AND. WHITE. Cross my fingers, hope to was all her decision. I just took it and ran.

Check out the before status of this basement bedroom.  It wasn’t quite as dark and dreary as my other girls bedroom began, but pretty close.

While we haven’t gotten to the closet spaces, just some new bead board and fresh paint, and the room was already starting to feel better.

We took down the inappropriate looking light fixture (cough cough) and added this darling chandelier I found on Amazon for a steal.

All we did was take half of a curtain rod, secured it with a nail coming out of the back wall and a hook coming from the ceiling.

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