3 Ways To Paint And Customize A Ceramic Star Ornament

They are super cute just as they are, but they are also fun to customize! I played around with 3 techniques and wanted to show you the results and how I displayed them throughout my Holiday home.

1. Ceramic star ornaments 2. Wood star ornaments 3. Mixed ceramic ornaments 4. Rubb n Buff 5. Chalkboard paint



This first idea is for a really fun and customizable chalkboard ornament. I first clipped off the chiffon ribbon hanger that came with it and laid all the stars out on the garbage back to protect my table.

Then I simply used some chalkboard paint that I grabbed from the craft store and applied one coat of chalk paint on the front and sides.

Once that dried, I flipped them over and painted the backside.

To prep them for writing and to get the chalky look, I rubbed some white chalk all over the star, using the sides of a chalk piece, then gently wiped that off.


I really felt our tree needed more brass, and I looked high and low for some brass stars.

I wanted a base coat of black on the star, so I used the same black chalk paint to cover the white ceramic layer.

Then I used some leftover Rubb n’ Buff that I had to cover the star in the gold metallic product. It only took one layer and looked so pretty when it was done.

I decided to take it one step further and I lightly sanded the metallic surface to create more of an antique or aged look to the brassy stars.

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