This is my story of what has brought us to the necessity of chemically clean living in our home.  Sharing the changes we’ve had to make, helpful resources, and my favorite chemical alternatives.

LIFE CHANGES I need to have on my stress levels and sleep schedule, I needed to change the types of chemicals we were bringing into our home.

HELPFUL RESOURCES I try to keep my go-to resources at a minimum because it is so easy to get extremely overwhelmed and concerned if you find yourself with too much to sort through and learn.

FAVORITE HARSH CHEMICAL ALTERNATIVES I’m still in the process of switching out a lot of chemicals to ones that my family can tolerate.

NORWEX I struggled for a long time trying to weed out cleaning chemicals, but NORWEX made this process a thousand times easier!

GROVE COLLABORATIVE I can trust them to do a lot of the research to find the best products available that are less harsh and don’t contain a lot of the “dirty” stuff.

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