Choosing And Installing Our Custom Moulding And Trim


It’s a well known fact that custom millwork can add value to your home, and can be a key factor in helping your home stand out among all the other cookie cutter homes thrown together by contractors.

I’d like to share what we’ve used so far for our door and window casings, baseboards and wall trim, to hopefully give you some ideas and a place to start if you are building or remodeling your own home.

You’ll be able to see more clearly in our kitchen how I plan to make the moulding really stand out in the rooms.  I’ve painted the baseboard a darker contrasting color than the creamy white walls, and we’ve layered and stacked the trim pieces fairly high to make them very noticeable.

We’ve used mostly the same trim pieces to frame in our doors and windows, to create a casing that is detailed, cohesive, and highly noticeable because we’ve painted them (or will paint them) to stand out against the white walls.

To make our trim choices, we pretty much stood in the trim aisle for a long time and played around until we felt we had selected pieces that would stack nicely together.

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