Choosing Hardware for your Kitchen

Choosing hardware can be tough! I’m sharing the 5 step process I used to pick the hardware for our new kitchen cabinets and giving you a glimpse at what it looks like.

STEP 1 – RESEARCH, OBSERVE, AND BE INSPIRED When I know I have a design decision to make, I begin my research! 

STEP 2 – CONSIDER THE FINISH Before I even began shopping for my selection, I narrowed down the finish I was looking for.  

STEP 3 – CONSIDER THE STYLE You should be able to find some that suit the style of your home, whether that be industrial style, rustic, traditional, modern, or what have you.

STEP 4 – ORDER SAMPLES Had I not ordered several styles and finishes, I wouldn’t have found this beauty that works perfectly on my white and blue cabinets.

STEP 5 – GET A COUNT OF KNOBS AND PULLS Before you order all the hardware, it’s important to figure out how many knobs and pulls you need.

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