Classic Red And Green Christmas Tablescape

Pull out the dishes, break out the china . . . guests are comin’ for Christmas!  At my house, I’m serving up a classic red and green Christmas Tablescape and hoping someone else brings the grub.

I didn’t plan on setting a table for Christmas Eve. I didn’t plan on taking pictures.

But it seems whenever I make a conscious decision to relax and do nothing, the funniest things happen. Creativity strikes and I simply cannot resist.

So even though I’m fully expecting my big brother’s trying-so-hard-to-be-kind criticism and my mothers comments of “why did you go through all this trouble” and “where are the paper plates.

My family will have no choice but to sit right here, put a cloth napkin on their lap, and enjoy a Christmas Eve tablescape . . . all on me.

All they have to do is bring the food!  It all began when my daughter asked me why I hadn’t brought out our traditional Christmas dishes.

As I opened my mouth to explain that “well, darlin, they don’t go with our Colorful Christmas theme“, I decided to heck with that . . . the dishes were comin’ out for Christmas!

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