Classroom Pull Down Maps For Homeschooling

Check out how we designed our split bathroom to work for our four kids and avoid bathroom chaos! You’ll find plenty of split bathroom design ideas.

Let me first give you a nice look at these two roll down classroom maps. We have a world map and a map of the United States.


First, we have this world map with some darker bolder colors. I love how it is made to look vintage but does a really good job at visually separating the continents, countries, states, etc.


The labeling is detailed but is still very easy to find the places you are looking for. I feel like it is a beautiful and very educational piece of art!


Then I also got a USA map, also distressed and muted to look slightly vintage. We like being able to take a closer look at states, counties, cities and all the details in the country we live in.


HOW WE USE THE MAPS Behind the maps, we actually installed a white board, which is so much fun for all of us.


The kids have a lot of fun drawing and playing games on this board! Of course, we use it to demonstrate math figures, write meaningful quotes, and practice some memorizations.


WHERE TO BUY CLASSROOM PULL DOWN MAPS I discovered this Etsy shop called Big World Maps or Mondo Mappa. They have a huge selection of maps to choose from and I was smitten.

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