Do Not Fear! How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet is Here

Cleaning and caring for your cast iron skillet is nothing to worry about! Follow these 3 easy steps to clean a cast iron skillet or pan and keep it cooking up grub for generations!

Being scared of cast iron kept me away for years, then I finally decided to try cast iron after receiving a small skillet as a gift.


When your pan or skillet gets dirty from cooking, simply rinse it under warm or hot water and scrub with a soft bristle brush or non-abrasive scrubber sponge.

The best advice I have for you is to clean your skillet right after cooking and while it is still hot. The grease and grime will wipe away much easier, if not almost effortlessly!


Thoroughly dry all surfaces of the cast iron skillet. You must get that skillet dry right after washing! Otherwise, it can quickly rust and make it harder to clean next time you use it.

You can choose to wipe it down with a rag, but I much prefer to heat it up and let that water evaporate while the pan gets hot again.


After the skillet is completely dry, it’s important to wipe oil along all surfaces. This keeps a well seasoned, beautifully shiny, non-stick pan ready whenever you are.

I like to use coconut oil, since we always have it around. Technically speaking, oils with a high smoke point work best.

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