“Coal For Christmas” Free Printable Gift Tag

Naughty or nice – a gift tag that says “you are getting coal for Christmas” will keep the receiver in suspense!

Pair them with these cute bags full of air deodorizing bamboo charcoal for a witty and useful gift.

This year has looked quite a bit different for our family, as we’ve been trying to adjust to moving into our new pole barn home, which is very much still in the construction zone phase.

Our priorities have been getting our home comfortable, instead of festive. And coming up with gift ideas for you has also taken a back burner.

The only thing I would need to make was a cute gift tag that said, “You are getting coal for Christmas”, tie it with ribbon, and I was good to go!


This particular charcoal is extremely porous and has a crazy awesome ability to absorb particles out of the air, leaving the surrounding area smelling fresh and clean – naturally.

My first experience using charcoal to naturally deodorize was during our RV life. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the fridge to stop stinking. I place some charcoal in the fridge, and it disappeared COMPLETELY!


Here are some ideas for where you can place bags full of charcoal to leave the air fresh and clean. 1. Bathrooms 2. Inside stinky shoes

3. Gym bags 4. Travel bags 5. Linen closets 6. Storage containers 7. Hanging in bedrooms 8. Lockers 9. Fridge/Freezer 10. Car

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