A Colorful Christmas Tree With Balsam Hill

Try your hand at a Colorful Christmas tree, and I can bet you won’t miss red and green one bit! I hope you enjoy seeing this years Colorful Christmas tree.

I got to thinking about “The Christmas Tree“. It is such an integral and symbolic part of Christmas. In fact, I always always start my Holiday decorating with the tree.  Are you the same?

I’d like to share 3 things that make all the difference for me, if I make the effort to do them . . . between the Christmas tree.


Spreading joy to those I love has to be a mindful decision and a sacrifice of my own desires.

But for every memorable treasured Christmas moment, the conscious decision to spread joy was at the root of it. It’s those beautiful moments, in between the Christmas tree, that make this season magical.


This year, in the midst of my decking the halls, I’ve been surprisingly more aware of those who may find this time of year far more painful than joyous.

Those who have loved and lost, those who ache for love in whatever form, those who spend the days in silence and loneliness. Even those who feel this Season brings too much stress and burden.

Without question, the times in my life where I have chosen to lift others during this Season are the dearest and most memorable Christmas moments of my life.

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