Cottage Bathroom Reveal

Words cannot express how delighted I am to share the reveal for our MASTER BATHROOM MAKEOVER!!

The transformation has been unbelievable, both visually and functionally and I’m so pleased with the cottage bathroom look we achieved.

We knew the first things that had to go were the large closet and corner shower.  Without them, we could open up the space and create a light and airy bathroom.

 Big kuddos go to the hubs who did all the work himself. He gutted the whole room, re-did plumbing and electrical, planked the walls, added faux ceiling tile and a faux brick wall.

When we began to add the main elements from their home decor site, it all came together so wonderfully. Starting with this amazing pedestal soaker tub and faucet.

It was so helpful to equip this space with those nice basic elements, which set the ground work for our DIY’s and my lucky finds at antique and thrift stores

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