After we finished the main living room, I was anxious to get to our oldest daughters room. Truth be told, I would love to hit the kitchen, but that is really going to require a lot of time and money.

It was really an eye sore. Just messy and yucky. Not good for a 6 year old’s innate creativity.

Then my husband took an ENTIRE DAY planking the walls and ceiling. He did a great job, even though he pretty much complained the whole time.

I knew this room really had to look good because of where it is placed in the house. It is actually meant to be the formal living room right by the front door as you enter.

Let’s start with the window shutters. Because this room is at the front of the house it needed privacy. After researching blinds and custom made shutters – I knew we could only afford to make some.

What I love about them is that they do provide the privacy when we want it, and we made them so plenty of natural light still spills in the room when they are shut.

Being such a small room, I needed to get creative with storage space. My main goal for the whole room was to make it as functional for a growing girl as I could.

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