First, lets see the before – a picture I snagged off of the Real Estate Listing before we bought the house.

Now, after hours of work from the wonderful handy husband, gallons and gallons of white paint, trips to thrift stores, antique stores and lumber stores... here is the new cottage fresh kitchen.

What a difference! I spend about 95% of my day in this room, and I love the change of light and happiness it brings. Dark spaces really effect my attitude, so I knew the kitchen needed to lighten up!

My husband is so incredible and put so much time and effort into this space and so willingly adapted to my requests. He is heaven sent, and we really had so much fun planning this room together.

If you are new to my style, I often try to define my taste as a mix between a beach house on the coast and a cottage in France. I sum it up and call it “Cottage Fresh”.

If we aren’t DIY’ing something in our home, it will either be thrifted, passed down, re-loved, or found in an antique store.

I might add, real quick, the biggest challenge with our kitchen is the lack of direct natural light. No windows open up directly to this room, only the cut-out which leads to the living room.

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