Deck Makeover Reveal  Day 

This unloved and outdated deck gets a cottage deck makeover with thrifted finds, DIY’s, and quality, long-lasting items.

And let me tell you, my hubs and I think this deck makeover is one of our favorites of all time!

We worked hard and fast on this project, but the payoff has been well worth it!

Yikes, huh?  And this was after we had cleaned a little already.  Notice the railing color and the overall blaaa feeling. 

I was actually going to make-do with the red blotchy wood railing because after listing the potential projects I was envisioning my husband would need to complete.

The previous railing was also topped with the same turf type material that is on the floors, which actually holds up really well and is low maintenance.

So we removed that top and replaced it with some white wash pickling stained wood in it’s place.  He also built it out to define a cozy little grill area and serving station. 

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