Curved Dotted Line

This unloved and outdated deck gets a cottage deck makeover with thrifted finds, DIY’s, and quality, long-lasting items.

What was once just a dumping ground is now our favorite spot to linger, entertain, chat, eat and relax.

The previous railing was topped with the same turf type material that is on the floors, which actually holds up really well and is low maintenance.

So we removed that top and replaced it with some white wash pickling stained wood in it’s place.  He also built it out to define a cozy little grill area and serving station.

He also doubled up on the wood railing by the grill to provide more space for trays and plates and even an added ledge for guests to pull up a chair and eat their grub.

After we finished, Kevin set to designing and building the pergola – which is really the key piece to making this feel like a cozy retreat.