What do you get when you cross a bath mat & a sewing machine? This DIY Bath Mat Pillow, of course!  Take all that nubby, delectable texture & make a designer looking pillow with only 2 simple stitches.

More than learning how to sew bath mats into pillow covers, I hope to inspire you to look creatively at items you come across and imagine what else they could be.

SUPPLIES - 2 Bath Mats - Pillow Form The size depends entirely on the size of your bath mats.  

SEWING PROCESS Line the bath mats together on the edges and ends, right sides together.  Pin if needed.

 Sew down both long edges, backstitching at beginning and end. Flip right side out and insert the pillow form.

TIPS FOR SUCCESS A few tips for you.  This fabric is thick and can make your sewing machine a little angry. - Take it very slow

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