If you’ve ever had to live without countertops in your kitchen, you are familiar with the joy that fills your heart when you finally have them.

TYPE OF WOOD We have used a white oak wood for our butcher block countertops.  Oak is a hardwood, making it a more durable choice for countertops.

HOW TO BUILD BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOPS We started with wood pieces that were 5 inches wide and 1 ¾ inches thick.

STEP 1: PLANE AND CUT YOUR WOOD PIECES You have to cut and plane your wood pieces before you begin gluing them together.

STEP 2: GLUE YOUR WOOD PIECES TOGETHER Kevin used a lot of wood clamps and wood glue to adhere the pieces of wood together, and let it dry sufficiently before moving on.

STEP 3: FILL ANY HOLES WITH WOOD FILLER Once the glue had dried, we used a natural wood filler to fill all the holes and knots in the wood.

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