DIY Button Heart Keepsake

Something you can accomplish while babies are napping, while watching a movie, or even during a lunch break. Something like this DIY button heart.


– Wire Hanger – Craft wire – Buttonse  – Hot Glue Gun – A chain


The first thing you’ll need to do is cut your wire hanger apart and bend and mold it into the desired shape.  Also, you’ll want the chain to be inserted into the heart before you glue the buttons down.


Rather than simply gluing the buttons onto the wire heart, I found it easiest to thread them on to the thin craft wire which then gives you the ability to stack the buttons as you please and arrange them perfectly before gluing onto the heart.


The craft wire works great for keeping them all in place. You simply insert the wire through the holes in the buttons and continue until your strand of buttons is as long as your shape.


Working on the back side of your button strands, you will begin to hot glue the buttons to the heart shape. I found it best to work only a couple of buttons at a time, let that dry and then continue.


You’ll need to be sure once you get to the chain, it is in the correct place you want it to be before gluing it down.

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